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Sunday, January 4, 2009

They were out in full force!

I spent the first part of my day at work today. For those of you who don't know I wait tables in a little french restaurant. Let me tell ya, all of the people who haven't been paying attention (or are just stupid) were out in full force today! Some of the questions that people ask make me wonder if they any attention to anything and where have they been for the past few years? I had a family of four today, I greeted them as usual but before I finished the father asked me if we had beverages? HUH? I didn't even know how to answer!'re in a freakin restaurant, you think this is BYOB or something???? I said yeeeesssss. And he says "oh ok can I have grapfruit juice then ?". I know I had a look on my face and I couldn't help it!! The second one came from the mouth of a woman who was about 50 years old, "what is American cheese?" What???? Do you live here???? She didn't have an accent and she didn't look retarded but she seriously didn't know what american cheese was!!!! LOL. Her husband looked at her and said "it's whats in grilled cheese sandwiches!". He had a better explaination that I did. Mine was my jaw dropping and then me biting my tongue trying not to laugh. What the hell was wrong with people today. I'm sure there were many more comments and questions like that but I quit listening.


  1. The idiots are what make working in a restaurant more fun. Damn, I miss those days! :P

  2. From the moths of morons! I couldn't wait tables I don't have the self control to field these questions.

  3. lol I would have died laughing if someone asked me what american cheese was!

  4. Question: Why do you have American Cheese in a French restaurant?


  5. See, you are much more kind and loving than I could ever be. 'Cause if some fool asked me what American cheese was, I'd be all, "Jessica Simpson."

    End of story.

  6. Wow......

    I hope those stupid people keep rolling in.......I like hearing about them.! :)

    Happy New Year!

  7. You can't make that shit up, LOL!

  8. Being a dispatcher I've come across some pretty acluistic people. We have a saying around here... Too bad stupidity isnt a crime.



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