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Monday, January 19, 2009

Disaster in the making!

Once again we couldn't have asked for a better day here in Colorado, especially in January! It was 65 degrees and beautiful. The hubby and I decided to take the kids over to the park and let them run and play. Shay was out of school so we told him to invite his friend to come with us. Not only are there 3 different playgrounds there's also a skate park.
Shay has always been very coordinated and sports of all kinds come easily and naturally to him. I don't usually worry about him getting too hurt. I expect him to fall and have scrapes and bruises. He's a boy and it's inevitable but I have been hesitant about letting him go to the skate park in fear of him busting an arm or his head. He wears a helmet but it still scares me. I told him to be aware of the people around him because there is a big chance that they are not paying attention to him! Today was not the best of days to take him because everyone and their mother was at the freakin park! You should have seen all of the bodies flyin around that fish bowl thing. Little kids, big kids, skateboards, scooters, bikes and who knows what else were all over that skate park. I was waiting for a collision or one of my boys to get run over by one of the high teenagers. I was a wreck and couldn't watch, so we left them there to fend for themselves and took the little ones over to the playground.

I watched from afar in hopes that I wouldn't see my kids get creamed by someone. Once I was able to go over and check on them I found they had made themselves comfortable and were having fun. They did really well and no broken bones, scrapes or bruises to end the day. Watch.

Want to see what happens when it's this nice in Jan around here? LOL They all come out in swarms! Half of the time I couldn't find my kids, they just blended in with the rest of them.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I am so jealous of your beautiful, warm weather! That skate park is a little too scary for me! My 11 year old just got a Ripstick for her birthday and it terrifies me...she has had 3 broken bones in her short lifetime and I foresee more to come...thanks to the Ripstick!

  2. Looks like you all had a great day!! That park looks way too fun!!

  3. Looks like a beautiful, although crowded day at the park! Hooray for nice weather!

  4. What a reat time, gad there was no trip to the ER.

  5. A day at the skateboard park and no broken bones is a good day!

  6. Glad you came to visit me via Rebekah! Living here in the frozen north (Indiana) I know first hand what happens when the weather is nice. All of a sudden there are more people around than I even knew were in the world! I lived in Colorado Springs as a kid...Pike's Peak was perfectly framed in our kitchen window. It was such a wonderful place to grow up. Your kids are lucky!

  7. How about the weather today??? I wish it were like this year round! Everyone in our neighborhood was out walking or at the parks with their little ones. Including me! LOL



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