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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The *%@# room

Ok this week I have been redecorating one of my bathrooms and I got a theme stuck in my head and I went for it. The theme is "surfs up". I had a vision of walls the color of wet sand. I found the perfect shower curtain, and bought the accessories. There are surf boards and beach paraphernalia that all have the same colors. Sand, Blue, Green, Red, yellow and some pink. Can you see it? I already put up the new shower curtain, it's the pinkish one in the mirror reflection!

Anyway, I disassembled the bathroom and started the painting two days ago. Originally I wanted to do a "granite" paint which makes the walls rough and it has gold flecks in it. It was really purty but then I remembered it was for the boys bathroom! A boy bathroom that needs to be wiped down regularly. Then my mom told me that the toilet paper fibers stick to it and who knows what else! I nixed that idea and decided to sponge paint it, hoping it turns out the way I envisioned it. I bought a brown base coat and two different colors of glaze. One is a beige color and the other is a gold color. I have done half of the bathroom with the splotchy brown base coat and it looks like my kids smeared crap on my walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a little scared. I am a little terrified. I am a little grossed out. I am praying that it will look totally different when I put the second and third glaze on it! Please pray for my bathroom and ask god for it not to look like shit. Literally.


  1. Oh I don't know what to say. it is poop brown but you areright once you get the rest of it painted and put the glaze on it will probly look the way you want it!!

  2. I'm not gonna lie, it really does look like poop.

    I have hope for you that it will turn out right!

  3. Oh No...I really hope that turns out the way you want it too because right now it is looking pretty poopy LOL

    When all else fails just paint it again.

  4. Hahaha...I hope it turns out how you want it too. It would be pretty shitty if it didn't.

  5. it may be better than you expected once you're finished. we have redone almost every room in our house and i always freaked out when we first started. at least paint is a relatively easy fix :)

  6. I've done that before and you really cant know what it will look like until its done, then you either love it or hate it! Hope you love it! lol
    Good luck!

  7. I rag-rolled my bathroom once and hated it. Hated it. I then got tow colors we had out in the garage and sponged them over top. I gotta say, it was unusual, but I liked it. I really did. And as lucky I was- I found a shower curtain that mathced beautifully.

    So there is hope- you just have to find it.

  8. Ha ha! Just give it some time, and don't give up on it until you finish. I faux (sponge) painted my living room wall and HATED it until I actually got around to finishing it. Let me know if you need help. I'd be happy to come over and help you.

  9. Yea, let Katie come over. She will rock your bathroom's world!



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