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Friday, January 9, 2009

All choked up

It was a beautiful day here in Colorado yesterday. We got a break from the wind and cold and we got to spend a day in 60 degree weather!!!! Everyone took advantage of it believe me! The kids and I met my mom, my grandpa (who is visiting from Iowa) and my brother Cody , his wife Palmyra and baby Phoenix for lunch. It was nice to get us all together to visit and enjoy the day. Too bad my dad and hubby were working. Someone has to pay the bills ya know?

Cody and Palmyra decided to come to Clement Park with us for a walk around the lake but we decided to walk up to the Columbine Memorial to see it since neither of us had ever been. I honestly didn't think that it would affect me the way it did. Even almost 10 years later, that day came back to me like it was yesterday. I got so choked up and emotional that I didn't dare speak to my brother cuz he would think I was crazy.
It was sad reading all of those names and remember thier faces, knowing that thier life was cut so short in such a horrible and terrifying way.
When I finally did look at my brother he had the same expression and was on the verge of tears.

My friend Tasha at the Housewife Diaries blogged about it a few months ago, click here to go visit her and read all about it. She said it so much better and got much better pictures than I did!

After the emotional part of our visit was over we took the kids to the playground for some much needed energy release! They were so excited just to be outside and running. I was excited too because I knew they were gonna sleep like rocks later!
Jaxson has yet to learn to "hold it" when it comes time to pee and we had a little accident but I don't blame him at all. The park has the darn bathrooms locked for the winter and there was a lone porta-potty available. My brother took Jax in and it wasn't 3 seconds before that child came exploding out of the smelly cubicle with a look of sheer terror on his face. He screamed " I am not going to go potty in there! there is gross poop in that toilet". We couldn't help but laugh hysterically and he refused to go potty behind the tree so he proceed to go in his pants. I wasn't mad, I wouldn't go potty in that nasty thing either!
All in all in was a really good day. Nice and relaxing!


  1. Poor little guy! Porta potties are scary!

  2. Poor Guy. I cant believe a boy wont pee outside. lol

    I'm sure I would get all teary eyed too over the memorial. It is a very sad situation

  3. The portas are like a small stinky closet...that amplify every echo. Looks like nice weather to enjoy though.

  4. Oh shush! Your description was great! Cute pics, too. Thanks for the holla!

    Love you! XOXO

  5. So nice to be able to get outside when the weather is unexpectedly nice.

  6. I wasn't aware that there was a sounds deservedly powerful!



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