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Friday, January 16, 2009

Someone very special

I have had a few rough times and he has been through thick and thin with me. I thought I would write a quick post about my best friend; my husband. He is such a wonderful person and it's hard to even find the words for him. He knows me better than anyone could and I thank him for that. He knows how to make me feel better, how to make me smile, how to make me cry, how to soothe my pain and sadness, he knows how to get me excited (in more than one way), he knows how to make me angry, he knows how to calm me, he can make me laugh and giggle. He is thoughtful, helpful, loving, ornery, funny, complex, sexy, strong, brave, a wonderful father and he is all mine! I love him so much and just wanted to thank him for all that he does for me. I love you honey.

I guess it's a good thing I forgot to publish this post yesterday because now I have even more to add! He threw me a surprise Birthday party last night and I had so much fun!!! Thank you honey for giving me one of the best birthdays yet!!! I love you.


  1. that is so sweet! kind of makes me love my husband a little more too :)


  2. Awwwww, how sweet! I'm so glad you guys are happy together! How funny, because we were just talking about this, too, weren't we?! I remember you said he just wanted to go to dinner "just the two of you". haha sucka! You fell for it! :P

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm gonna call ya later...

  3. That is so sweet! Happy birthday :)

  4. Happy Birthday- and congratulations for having such a sweet and wonderful Hubby

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, maybe, I'm not sure, but whenever it is or was, I hope the day rocks!

    PS did your page change, or am I stupid?

  6. Happy Birthday! Your husband ROCKS!

  7. How nice that we can both say such wonderful things about our husbands. I think there aren't enough people doing that since it's so easy to complain. (Not that I don't sometimes, too!) Great blog -- glad you found me!



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