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Saturday, January 31, 2009

How do you spell germ farm.................Mr. Biggs thats how!

What is Mr. Biggs you ask?
It's a giant building designed for fun! You can find just about everything to do inside this building. There's putt putt golf, mini grand prix racing, amusement rides, endless arcades, bowling, lazertag and more. Those are for the big kids of course, but for the little kids there's a giant portion of the building that was rebuilt and named Little Big Town. It has all of these little "shops" containing appropriate activities to do within them.

There's a car shop bakery, salon, music store, a gold mine and a ton of other things to do.

There is also the 3 level foam factory (germ factory) that has a million or so foam balls that can get thrown, launched, and sucked in every which direction. It really is a lot of fun, even for the adults. There are Cannons and guns to shoot at people below you and above you. Giant vacuum's to suck up the balls into big baskets that dump every few minutes. Pulley's to send bags filled with balls up to the upper levels and so much more!The kids have a blast and there is only one downside really, we leave covered in who knows what; things that can't even be seen, like colds, viruses, the stomach bug, snot and more. I think they should install a new ride right next to the's called a sterilizer! We all went straight home and washed like you wouldn't believe. It grosses me out to think of what was in there with all of those kids and people touching everything!!!!! Eeeewwwww.


  1. I have NEVER heard of Mr. Bigs....where is it?

    Holy balls!

  2. I want to go play!!! I mean, take the kids to play! ;-) Looks like fun... even with the cootie threat.

  3. When my son was around 2, we were playing at Chuck E Cheese. He was crawling through the giant maze of tubes overhead. The kid in front of him had Diarrhea... I dont think I need to go on. You get where I am heading

  4. I get hives when I even THINK about Chuck E Cheese.

  5. I have never heard of such as this...oh, my girls would go crazy!

    And I would, too...with a headache. HA!

  6. That looks like a blast! Just stock up on some germex next time before you go!!!

  7. It sucks that such fun places for kids are such hotbeds for germs. My kids ALWAYS get sick after playing at places like this!

  8. Ah Funplex! Now I get it! LOL! :P

  9. My kids love places like this as most kids do, but you definitely have to be careful because as you stated most Fun Places for Kids are crawling with germs!



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