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Saturday, November 22, 2008

What a little s@*t

Remember all that hard work that I did a few days ago? I folded all of the clothes. Well that's as far as I got. They just sat their in nice, neat piles hoping that they would be picked up by their prospective owners and put away. Wishful thinking huh? I went to work this morning and did not feel well so I came home early. This is what I found.
Apparently while Daddy was taking care of business in the bathroom Riley decided to entertain himself with the damn laundry AGAIN!!!!!! Why? What is so freaking entertaining about clothes?


  1. Ooooh Nooooo! My little one does the SAME thing. He loves playing with laundry baskets so if there happens to be clean laundry (or dirty) he doesn't care!

  2. Suzie often tries to help me 'unfold' my already 'folded' clothes.

    Just tell Hubby he can find clothes for tomorrow in the pile on the floor and just take a break on the idea of folding for a while

  3. As much as I would love to do that....I would go insane :)

  4. This is when I'd lose my mind...and run from the house before I kill everyone in it.



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