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Friday, November 21, 2008


Phoenix Sebastian Viedma Reutter
8 lbs (exactly) and 21 inches long ( I think that's what my brother said)
Born around 7:30 pm this evening
I am so excited to hold this little bundle of hair and joy!!!!!
He was stubborn, defiant and unwilling, but he finally came after almost 3 hours of pushing
Hence his cute little cone head!


  1. Your pics are not posting and I am bummed I wanted to see the baby so bad, Hurry up an fix it. Cass

  2. Congrats Auntie!!!!!!!!!! I have been wondering when this little bugger was going to make his first appearance in this world. He's adorable!

  3. They came up sooooooooo cute looks like a little Hawaiian boy he just needs a little lei around his neck tell Cody and Palmira I am so happy for them . Love Cass

  4. Love the name! Too precious!

  5. Look at those cheeks! And that hair! So cute! Congrats to the new Aunt!



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