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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We have a visitor, meet Squishy

My brother and his wife are getting ready to have a baby (yeah!) and her mother is coming to town for 3 weeks. From what I have been told she HATES cats with a passion! I offered to keep him and now I'm wondering if that was a good idea!!!!! He is kind of a shithead. He wants in the baby's bedroom and is scratching on his door! I tried to pull him out from under the crib and he bit me! I know he doesn't know me but I can't help that and now I feel like a have to cough a freakin hair ball out of my throat. I think I'm allergic to the little shit.


  1. Maybe he will calm down once he gets used to his new environment? Let's hope.

  2. Hi Nicole! Thank you for stopping by my blog! That is so nice of you to watch the kitty! I had to giggle with this post because it is always an adventure when you take in someone elses pet! I have a cat and I am allergic to her! I love her but I curse her every day! I really like your blog your posts are down to earth so I will be back!

  3. That's how Mama Satan acts! LOL

  4. Oh! This deserves an explanation. You left me a comment (Heather of the EO) because Debbie left you a comment (the first one on this post) She left you the first comment on this post. She was guest posting at my blog, so when you clicked her name, my blog came up along with hers (suburb sanity-excellent blog-because her profile showed her blog and mine as a guest poster) So anyway, you clicked on the Extraordinary Ordinary (which is me, Heather, not Debbie) and thanked me for visiting. But now I HAVE visited (: and want to thank you for your comment about Asher. SO thank you. I hope this made even a little bit of sense...

    Nice to "meet" you! :)



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