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Monday, November 3, 2008

Paranoid mommy

I have been a wreck for the past week over the baby's teeth. I was giving him a bath one night and just happened to notice grayish black spots on his lower front teeth! OMG he has bottle rot. I went into sheer panic mode and called the hubby at work.
I have never gone by the book as far a raising my kids. I was bad and put all 3 of them to bed with a bottle. So kill me. Anyway, the first thing I said to myself......this is my fault, I should have never let him fall asleep with that damn bottle. That very night I cut him off from his night time bottle and he was fine with it. Throughout the week I have been brushing his teeth like a freaking obsessive compulsive mad woman! 3-4 times a day to be exact. I have worked in the dental field and I know what happens when kids get bottle rot, and I will be damned if my kid has to go through baby root canals and crowns.
We got into the dentist this morning and he did an awesome job! He was such a big boy at his first dentist appointment.
Do you want to hear the good news or the bad news first? Well the good news is that the grayish stuff was staining and not decay and there really isn't any bad news! I am ecstatic about a clear bill of dental health!!!! I am such a teeth freak, but now I can relax.


  1. Beautiful eyes! Beautiful teeth! Beautiful child!

  2. Good for you! My oldest drank a lot of juice when he was little and there was decay between his two front teeth. He had a horrible dental experience that didnt fix it. Then a spectacular pediatric dentist fixed him up.

    I understand about the guilts. Glad your little booger turned out ok.

  3. I put all 3 of my kids to bed with a bottle (baby now takes a cup), and so far, they're doing okay.

  4. Look at that smile! He's showing his little pearly whites!

    I am also guilty of keeping my last baby on the bottle for longer than he should have been. It was our lifeline at bedtime! He's off now and his teeth are perfect!

    I'm glad for the good news!



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