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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I need a massage but not that bad!

I was browsing through some pictures on the Internet today and some how came across this article. Apparently it's the newest thing in massage! Eeeeew. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid of snakes and I don't mind touching or holding them but this? No thanks.


  1. If snakes could relax ME, they could slither away! I am having major relaxation problems!

  2. Hey I had to make my blog private. Send me an email at and i'll send you and invite.

  3. Ummm yea, NO. I'm getting the heebies just thinking about it.

  4. I have major willies now. I'm totally snake phobic. I freeze up when one is near me.

    Thanks for your comment. I love all the simple old school terms. They knew how to say it back when they came up with this stuff. Whenever it was I don't know but I still like it.

  5. That give me shivers just looking at it. (not relaxing shivers either)

  6. oh my gosh....NEVER!!! EVER!!! i hate snakes!!!



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