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Saturday, November 29, 2008

One down and one to go

The holidays are now in full motion! Thanksgiving came and went in the blink of an eye and Christmas is only a blink away. Our dinner was nice, quiet and pretty relaxing although I was still rushing around like I said I wasn't going to do!
Our guests showed up at the door at 9:30 in the morning and I was still in my pajamas with no make up and still cleaning. At least I was wearing something decent. My hubby usually laughs at me and my ensemble in the morning. Hey I can't help it, I throw on whats close to my bed and comfortable. I don't really think about coordinating my tee shirts and fat pants!!! The best one is the Tye dye shirt (pink, green and purple) and the purple plaid pants with white socks! Hee hee, I can't help but laugh at myself for that one, it is pretty bad.

Any whoo...back to the holidays. We ate our dinner early and headed to my parents house to visit with the rest of the family and to see my new favorite nephew. He is so damn cute I cant stand it and guess who snatched him up first? My husband! I didn't even have a chance, he sat there and slept with the baby and would not give him up! Finally at the end of the night I had bribe him for a turn. I got to hold him and feed him and I miss it soooo much, I do, I guess it's my comfort zone. I would be happy taking care of babies for the rest of my life I think. Too bad they wont be mine.
Back to the holidays again, we have never been ones to go out on black Friday and do any shopping. We both hate the crowds and end up cursing people and their carts but this year the hubby had a change of heart and we braved the stores (cue the horror music and screaming). We weren't brave enough to go before the ass crack of dawn though, those people who are lined up at 4 am are just retarded in my mind. Seriously, who goes shopping at 4 in the freakin morning? it's crazy I tell ya. We got a lot of our shopping done for the kids and spent way too much money. My husbands excuse....." they are kids and it's only money". He makes the moolah so I guess he gets to chose how to spend it. I was only along for the ride.

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