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Thursday, November 6, 2008

That's one way to clog a toilet!

The boys have been wild ones all day! They are on my last nerve and it's only getting better! While making dinner tonight and on the phone trying to get a bill paid the kids decided to entertain themselves.....with socks. My love seat is covered with a ton of socks that are either folded or need to be folded. Due to my lack of a working clothes dryer my laundry situation is getting a bit nasty to say the least. Yesterday I had a working dryer that just ran with cold air. Today I have no dryer at all. Just a growing pile of clothes and nothing to do with them even if I had the motivation to do so! Anyway, the boys started by unfolding almost all of the pairs and throwing them all over the living room making it look like there was an explosion of some kind or another. How they managed to migrate to the bathroom I don't have a clue but they did and decided to put the remaining folded pairs of socks into the toilet. Let me remind you that Jax the 3 year old and rookie of the potty, forgets to flush 8 out of 9 times!!!! While on the phone with the very nice lady at target Jax informs me that "Riley got a sock stuck in the toilet". Yes Linda (the lady on the phone) can't help but laugh when I repeat the question back to jax, "there is a sock stuck in the toilet?" I go downstairs to find little one making pee and sock dumpling soup......with his hands. Yummy. Thank god they had not attempted to flush! So what do you do with sock dripping pee water all of the bathroom floor? Throw them in the empty washer to drain, cuz I won't be using it anytime soon!!! Eeeeeewwww.


  1. Oh man, I'm sorry! LOL! That reminds me of the time I said "Jack, dont play the piano with your hot dog", did I just say that?

    I wish I was there- we have an extra dryer just sitting in our garage. You could have it! :(

  2. Oh my two favorite things... laundry and cleaning the bathroom...

    you pulled the daily double there...

  3. Been there done that! gotta love em cuz your stuck with em now the little sock dunkers lol thanks for the site visit today :o)

  4. That is too funny! I am only laughing because for once it is not happening to ME!
    My boys are always into something too;)

  5. LOL. At least he didnt clog a poop filled toilet.



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