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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Round 1

Tonight Chatfield Senior High hosted their annual trick or treat street. They do an awesome job and give out a ton of candy! There are about 30+ rooms with different themes and games for the kids to have fun and rake in the candy. The kids have an absolute blast, the parents on the other hand (begging for an absolute mixed with anything) can handle about 5 rooms before they start swearing under their breaths with frustration and endure the ever rising temperatures in very cramped quarters!

I have been dreading this moment all day. I don't particularly enjoy crowds, especially with 3 kids and 1 stroller. We got there at exactly 5 pm thinking it wouldn't be too crowded. Once again I was wrong. There were kids, teenagers and strollers everywhere!!!!! Parents laughed at one another and with the ones who actually voiced their growing frustration (me). We got stuck in a room with a very slow moving line and I told the kids that this was the last room (after about 20) and then we were going home. I think I heard 100 parents agree and laugh!
Even Jaxson was asking to go home, he was roasting in his costume and he was only wearing his underwear and a tee shirt underneath for that very reason. It made it impossible to take his costume off. He would have gone from monkey to the white trash baby in a flash. White tee shirt, tighty whiteys and crocs with no socks. Cuuuute!
There were a lot of funny costumes for the evening and I can't wait to see more tomorrow night.
I love passing out the candy, that is until 9 pm, when I turn off the lights or I run out of candy and that is entirely possible considering my block alone has 27 kids!!! There had better not be any little shits ringing my door bell after that.


  1. I HIGHLY recommend the tent. It is so great and he is sleeping much better, which means he's acting much better because he isn't tired. He loves the tent now.

    Great Halloween pic.

  2. My Hubby started passing out candy by the handfuls. We were out way too early in the evening. Oh well, Im sure all the kids got plenty of candy

  3. White Trash Baby? Too funny! Melissa

  4. Sounds like fun! LOL! Hey, thanks for letting all of us come over and tear up your house! I had a blast! I'm still sick..a week later, ugh, but it was a great trip. We got home last night. Phew.

    Love you guys!



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