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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Feuding with the neighbors

I get along with almost everyone, especially my neighbors. I have yet to meet one that I can't stand...until today.

Here's the short story. We live on one of the main streets into/out of our neighborhood. The speed limit is 20mph or less (I'm not sure). There is a bend that has a major blind spot right in front of our house. Well people seem to think that it's 40 mph and could care less if the 25 or so kids on our block are out either walking to or from school and playing with their friends and riding bikes. You know how well they listen when you tell them to stay out of the street! They don't. Anyway, we have lived here for a year and a half and I have called the sheriff at least 10 times to request that an officer come and patrol or at least get a sign that shows you how fast you really are going. Pretty simple request right? I have even tried to sweeten the deal by explaining that my hubby is an officer in another city. Um no. Have NEVER seen a police car out here or seen anything done about it. What's a bitchy mom to do?

Well I have begun yelling at the stupid ass people who come flyin through here like it's a freaking freeway. I think I am known as the bitch of the block, but I really don't care. If my kids or anyone Else's get hurt or killed there is going to be a HUGE lawsuit.

So today I am pulling into my garage and this lady going the opposite direction flys past me and I scream at her to slow down. The bitch (and her husband and 2 children) turns around and pulls up to my house!!!

Here's how the conversation goes....

Fat ass - "who do you think you are yelling at me in front of my kids? I live on this block and I have kids that play here too. I was going 15 mph."

Me - "you were not going 15 mph and I am sick of you people hauling ass down this street."

Fat Ass - "Well I wasn't speeding and I wont put up with you harassing me!"

Me- "What ever." as I turn around to walk away trying not to bust out laughing.

Fat Asses Husband - "Yeah whatever lady"

I guess that was his way of backing his bitch up. LOL. Who was harassing who in front of their kids? I thought it was hilarious and had to call and tell B (my hubby the cop) all about it. He immediately went into fight mode and wants to know where they live and what they drive!!!

Well I guess I have made my first official enemy of the neighborhood!!! Come this winter they are going to get bombed with snowballs for speeding.


  1. I can totally see you doing this! Good. We need more parents like that. We have the same problem here. Snowballs is a good idea. If we were still 18, I'd say let's go kick her ass! LOL

  2. Hey, calm down and come to my site! I have an award for you! Then you can kick her ass! Melissa



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