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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

cleaning up throw up

And I thought we were gonna have a boring evening! Riley is ready for bed and his poor little nose is so full of boogers that he is gagging on his bottle! So I lay him down and try my hardest to give him some relief and he is getting really pissed off at me ( I would too if someone was sitting on me, pinning my arms and legs down, and picking my nose with some funky sucker thingy). I hurry as fast as I can to get them all out, but apparently not fast enough. He is using every little muscle in his body to squirm away from me and he's turning a bright shade of red. I sit him up and he starts with the gag, cough, gurgle and wheeze in between the screaming bloody murder. Uhhhhooooohshit here it comes. Yes I mean the throw up. All over the clean jammies, me and his baby that he loves to sleep with. I had a feeling it was coming (cuz it ALWAYS does) and I grabbed the closest thing (my sweats) I could (other than my cupped hands) to catch the curdled milk being projectile vomited all over my carpet. I did a pretty good job at controlling it I would say. Considering that it kept coming (you know how that is, puke, smell it, puke some more). So he finally gets it all out and I get him calmed down in a half " I'm sorry, but if you don't stop crying right now I'm gonna give you something to cry about voice" and strip him down. Smelling horribly of puke, I clean him up and put him to bed.
Now comes the fun the chunks of curdled milk off of my carpet and the 7 different pieces of clothing. I have learned in the past few months, if I just throw the clothes in the washer I end up finding these mozzarella like chunks in it after the clothes are clean. Umm yeah that is really disgusting picking them out of my washer. Eventually I learned to take the stuff out to the yard and power wash the puke off with the hose, the birds will eat it or something. But since it hailed tonight and it's a little chilly out, I will attempt to do it in my sink. Eeeewwww. Now I need to go scrub the smell out of my carpet, I refuse to smell that in my sleep all night!
So that's my exciting story for the I'm going to take a shower!


  1. I tried to read all of this but my stomach started doing flip flops.. So I couldn't finish it.. ugh.

  2. Uh. One of my twins especially had an extra sensitive gag reflex. All he had to do was cough and we knew that curdled milk was next. I FEEL for you! :)

  3. so i just had to clean up a blast in my escalade last week...gross gross gross.

  4. OMGosh.....I cannot for the life of me cleanup throw up. I have tried but ended up throwing up myself. The hubby has to do it, he has a stomach of steel. Ewwww...just thinking about it makes me queasy.



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