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Friday, October 24, 2008

Frightening, funny Friday

I love making my kids laugh! Normally I wouldn't post anything with me making a huge ass of myself, but this isn't too bad! My kids had no school today so it was a day of errands and grandparents houses. Here is what we did before we left.

On our way to my mothers house, I had to take a quick detour and show Shay a particular house that just LOVES to decorate for the holidays! I also love to decorate my house during Halloween and Christmas as do a lot of people.
But this is a little over done dontchathink! The pictures don't do it justice! We drive by there on the way to my friends house and the baby says "scary house". I reply "yes honey it's frightening I know!" It must be one family in two houses because they are enclosed with one fence. Where in the world do these people keep all of that crap? My friend says they decorate for EVERY holiday and it's always like that, overdone. Click on the pictures and view them up close to see the detail!


  1. Holy freakin cow! Wonder what it looks like at Xmas.

    Way to get high on helium mommy!

  2. Yeah, thought it was a good idea at the time but I felt like shit after doing it! Did they change the helium since we were little? It was only one freaking balloon!!!!!!

  3. My word, that house! Or those houses, however it works... I think every neighborhood has a wacked out family who loves to totally overdo every holiday. In my old neighborhood there was a family with a huge tree stump that they would paint for every holiday. So weird.

    Visiting from Ann's GNO!

  4. Nicole!
    I'm so glad you come over to play tonight.
    So, how's Aladdin going? (Is this a 1 Mojito movie, or a 2, perhaps 3 Mojito movie? ;-> )
    What a pretty blog. Our colors are similar, aren't they?

  5. Wow- thats a lot of work. Post their Christmas picture. I would love to see it.

    Lovely voice you have btw

  6. Seriously? You think those husbands jump at the chance to put crap all in their yards and miss football for a whole weekend? Or are the women really persuasive??? I can't get mine to put away his socks, let alone redecorate the outside...

  7. eeeeeyikes, a littleeee much!! But it serves its purpose and get attention huh?? I love the scary house comment! And thata is always a hit with kids. Your blog is great!! L A

  8. Wow...some people really get into Halloween, don't they? My brother's like that -- he spends nearly a month setting up. It makes him happy I guess. :) I enjoy Christmas myself, but mainly because that's the holiday where I have the most decorations. The other ones are just sad little bowls or leaves here and there.



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