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Monday, October 20, 2008

I feel so special!

I want to thank Cena for giving me this lovely award! I am also very excited to pass it on and finally get it posted! It has been a really hectic week. The winners are..................

Rebekah - for being so brave during surgeries!

Ashley - she always has a funny story

the queen - this woman is hilarious

Tasha - I'm really impressed with all that she is doing

Angie - I love anything about police and what they do

I have yet to come across her name but she has given me a few dinner ideas for that daily question! What's for dinner??????????????


  1. Thank-you so much Nicole I am so very honored. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please come and visit often and comment to your hearts content.
    You've got some handsome men in your life :o)

  2. Ah shucks....thanks for both awards! No one ever gives me awards!

  3. Congratulations... you deserve it..Don't forget to thank the Academy.

  4. Thank you thank you. I've really enjoyed getting familiar with you and your blog.- So right back at ya, girl.

  5. Hi - I'm here from Rebekah's blog. She does deserve this award. You have a great blog too - starting with your name!



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