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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dilema/frustration of the day

"Why in the H-E-L-L is this bed so freakin hard to make?"

Yes that is me trying to put the sheets on the top bunk bed in my kids room.

The stupid bed is pushed up against a wall so you can't get to the back side of it and there is a rail for keeping my child in his bed on the outer side.

Seriously, I'm not tall enough to just stand on the floor and put them on. Nor can I walk around it and struggle from the ground. Noooo, I have to climb up the ladder and crawl around on the bed trying to stretch these sheets (that I always manage to be kneeling on) across the mattress, keep them tight enough to stay on the corners all while trying not to slam my head into the ceiling or sound like I have turrets. And that's just the fitted sheet! I have to repeat the process with the top sheet and the comforter! Yes you can laugh at me, I do everytime I have to change these blasted things.

Origianally the deal was that Shay needed to make his bed every morning. I have let that slide because if I can't get it made what makes me think that he can get it made!

The bottom one is easier but just as annoying. It never fails the I guage my distance wrong and whack my head on the top bunk when I attempt to stand up.

All in all I end up sweating my ass off like (as my husband puts it) a whore in church. Asking myself why did we pick bunk beds?

There I feel better now.


  1. oh, i so have the same problem with my crib. it's such a pain trying to get the sheet on the mattress and then get the bumper back into place. i cuss up a storm every time i make it....

  2. That darn Santa brought us a BB last year. I don't know why he hates us.



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