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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2nd annual fall party

We will be holding our 2nd fall party this weekend. I have invited about 65 guests and that's including about 30 kids! Yes, call me crazy. We have a huge back yard that the kids can play games in, the adults can have a washers tournament, and everyone can relax and hang out.

Well that was my plan until I saw the forecast. Ummmm, 45 freakin degrees and rain??? Figures,OMG where am I going to put all of these people in my house? How in the hell am I going to entertain all of these kids?

Soooo today I have been racking my brain trying to think of indoor activities for them to do and come up with enough seating. You know that saying "everyone always ends up in the kitchen"? Well my kitchen cannot accomodate 50 people!!!! It barely holds me and my family at once.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE throwing a party and I'm sure it will all work out great. It's just that I have never attempted to pack that many people in here before! We will be making shredded BBQ pork and everyone is bringing a side dish so we will have plenty of food.

I myself plan on having one too many drinks and sleeping in on sunday morning! Ha ha that's funny huh? No I will end up being so busy taking care of everyone else that I will forget to eat and lose the many drinks I pour for myself, go to bed really late, and get up really early with the kids.

That's the life of a mom huh? I will have a post party post, so wish me luck and pray for a weather change!

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