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Monday, October 27, 2008

Snot,snot and more snot

Two out of my three boys have come down with the weekly cold (it seems this family has been sick with something this whole month!). They are so miserable and I feel so bad for them. The baby screams and runs from me if he even sees a tissue in my hand and the middle boy screams "nuh uh, no, it hurts!". My response to both of them, "I'm sorry" and then I tackle them.
If there is one thing I cannot stand it's a kid with a runny snotty nose. I try to be gentle but after a full day of wiping they are raw and sore. I swear they have been like snot faucets all day. Now they are getting a dry hacking cough (probably due to the snot). What's a mom to do? Your not even suppose to give them cough/cold medicine anymore! I love what the doctors tell you "just keep them comfortable, use a humidifier, and keep liquids in them". Yeah that all works in the long run but my kids want relief NOW.
Last night the baby was miserable and neither one of us got any sleep. I think I was up with him 4 times and then we finally got up at 4:30 am. Ugh. So I half slept on the couch while he watched his movie. Now this evening he is even more miserable. I can see that I wont be getting much sleep tonight either. So I did what I know is safe for him.
  • Torture him with the booger sucker
  • Slather him with Vaseline and baby Vicks
  • Give him some Tylenol
  • Prop his pillow to practically sitting position and pray for sleep (for all of us)

Is that enough? Will he be able to breathe and sleep at the same time? I really wish we could come up with a solution to making our poor snotty, coughing kids feel better. So wish us sleep for the night!


  1. Boy,you are seiously good, I think you covered every base, great thinkin!! Was it you that said somthing about airborne before and I said that I didnt read the directions and once made lil P eat one when she had a cold, then after that I ate one!!?? I felt just horrible for making her do that,THEY ARE JUST NASTY!! I really hope they are alllll better tomorrow!! Hugs L A

  2. Oh, man, those situations are just lousy. How do they manufacture so much of it...?

    Hang in there...

    :^) Anna

  3. i would almost rather just deal with the 24 hour flu bug than colds that last for days...
    i always give my kids lemon juice and honey in warm water and that really helps them with the cough....

    i can't find your email anywhere to discuss your prize. email me at

  4. I'm really enjoying my breakfast with that visual in my head.

    Poor babies. I hate it when kids get sick. When mine get ick I wish I could be sick for them. We usually take turns sleeping in bed with them when they're sick so you can just comfort them and go right back to sleep. Tis the season for boogers!

  5. poor little guys. I hope everyone gets to feeling better



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