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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

His lack of color coordination

For as long as I can remember Shaymus has never been one to dress "stylish" or even care what he looks like at home or out in public. As a toddler he wore his cowboys boots with everything.... jeans, shorts, pj's, you name it he was wearin em. Then he went through the cowboy jeans, PBR button up shirt, cowboy hat and boots. I will have to admit he looked so damn cute in his cowboy getup! He wore that poor little shirt until the sleeves were up to his elbows. That was quite a battle getting him to give that one up!

Then it was the "flame" stage. If it had flames on it he wanted it. Shoes, shirts and hats. I dont think we went as far as having them on any of his pants (thank god). Now that I think about it I'm not quite sure he has grown out of that stage yet.

Nope, he has decided to pair it with anything Camoflauge!!! OMG he cannot pick out an outfit that even remotely matches. I swear he does it just to annoy me!!! It has been weeks since he and I have not argued about what he is wearing and why he can't wear it to school.

Here are just a few of his selections just this week.

Camoflauge with a MESH sleevless shirt (couldnt get anymore white trash than that huh).

Then there is the all black with flames. He would wear this one everyday if i didnt give a shit about what he looked like!

Hey some of these might be great for a wordless wednesday huh?!


  1. Love those flames! Cut him some slack, White Trash is in! LOL Melissa

  2. So the first picture is kinda wierd but i had to add it. It is a scanned photo from 5 years ago when Shay was into wearin the cowboy boots with everything! This particular picture is in shorts.

  3. Is it time to bring back Garanimals? He looks like he's posing for an album cover: The Pout. The Angst. It's all there.

  4. Hey! Lay off the flame shirt! :) I like it! (Surprised?) Showed it to my husband and he said
    "That's f@$%in pimp!" My boy is wearing a "chick magnet" shirt today. He's 5. Nuff said. :):)



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