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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Week in review

Things have been soooo crazy around here!
Lets see, Thursday started out great and ended horrible. The hubby was at work everyone went to bed and around 10:30 I heard Riley literally barking through the monitor. I knew immediately he was getting croup. I layed there and listened hoping it would get better, it didn't. 15 minutes later he was in bed with me and getting worse by the minute. Considering I have been through this before there was no need to panic, so we went to the bathroom and turned the steam on. It wasn't 2 minutes and he was gasping for air and choking on brownish red crap. That's when I panicked!!! In the 30 seconds that went by my head was filled with a million thoughts of what I should do. Did I wake all of the kids up, load them into the car and drive us all to the emergency room? No way in hell, he didn't have that much time. I called 911 and the ambulance was here in 5 minutes. I didn't even have time to fully dress myself, I had to go back inside and get my socks, shoes, and purse. I woke my neighbor up and she came to the house while the other 2 slept. Riley and I then got an expensive ride to the hospital. Can I tell you how effin excited he was to actually ride in that thing? We came out of the house and his crying stopped when he saw the firetruck, ambulance and police cars out front! I didn't know what was worse his lack of air or the extreme excitement worsening his breathing!!! We ended up meeting a very frantic daddy at the hospital and stayed there doing breathing treatments and steroids until almost 3 am. Photo courtesy photobucket

Needless to say Friday came VERY quickly. I was up at 7:30 getting the kids ready for school. I then remembered that Jax had preschool pictures in less than an hour. Crap. I got them off to school just in time for Eleyna to get dropped off for the day. I was a walking zombie the whole day, it was a blur really. I was in bed at soon as I was done coloring my hair. That strange color was coming back to haunt me again, read here for that story. I'm sure some of you can relate!

Saturday I was up at the butt crack of dawn getting ready for another day at Cafe de France waiting on demanding customers and dealing with a boss from hell. Thank god I got some sleep. It was going to be a long night, I was watching my nephew Phoenix until 10:30 that night. When I got home from work he was already waiting for my undivided attention. You know how babies can be! Buddha baby kept me busy all night, he had a cold and you know how I love babies!
Anyway, it's now Sunday and I have been going ALL day long, although I did get to sleep until 9 am. Can you freakin believe it? I still cant. I spent the morning cleaning the house that had been horribly neglected over the past few days and started looking for either a swing set or trampoline for the kids online. After telling the hubby my plans he went out in search of something and ended up coming home with a tramp. It was a beautiful day so we got it put together in a few hours. Yes it took us that long! The kids are thrilled (especially Jaxson). He should be exhausted this evening, he jumped for 2 hours straight.

Tomorrow is suppose to be 72 degrees and I think were going to go to the zoo! The perfect way to start out another crazy week.


  1. Oh man, you've been busy!

    Croup is so scary and I'm glad things turned out okay.

    Your nephew is such cuteness!

    We use our trampoline all the time as a way to get the kids exhuasted and into bed early. :)

  2. I have more grey hair just reading about poor Riley! sigh... it should be illegal for kids to get sick. My son gets asthma as a symptom with colds and allergies, and living in this dirty, dusty environment is not easy. We were up last night at 4am.. drinking water in the dark, waiting for the inhalers to work, having a bite of honey to ease the cough... it was mild and he went right back to an easy sleep within 10-15 minutes, but as you say... it doesn't matter if you know what it is, or what exactly to do, when your baby gets sick.. it's terrifying.

    Glad to hear things improved as the weekend progressed! A 'jumpoline' (as my 5yo calls them) are great fun!

  3. Oh that sounds exhausting. I'm glad he's ok.

  4. Oh man you have had a rough week. Hope this week is much better for all of you.

  5. Oh my. . .so glad he is ok!

    Be Blessed,

    Amy (Honestly)

  6. Glad to hear Riley's doing ok. I've had many nights like that with my son(Cody).
    My husband & I are both paramedic/firefighters and we've seen a lot of sick little ones, you did the right thing. Besides thats what we're here for.
    Hope the rest of your week goes good!
    Take care!! ;0)

  7. OMGoodness! You had your hands FULL! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  8. that was a busy weekend. Glad the croup/911 thing worked out for you. Even though I have answered 911 for 15 years, I still get all anxious when I talk to a mom concerned about her kids. I guess I put myself in her shoes.

  9. Thank you every one for your concern and well wishes. It means a lot to me. Yes he is back to his usual 2 year old self again!!! Whiney, whiney and more whiney!!!

  10. you are seriously WONDER WOMAN....




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