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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The greatest thing since sliced bread!

My kids LOVE the new trampoline!!!! It's not just my kids either, it's the whole stinkin block. I cant tell you how many kids I had over here yesterday. Swarms of them, all attempting to take turns and share. Yeah that was sweet! Jaxson can't stop laughing and jumping, Shaymus is sore from so much jumping and Riley.................well he's a little intimidated by the whole thing. He so wants to be a big boy but just cant summon up the courage to get up there and just have fun. He is stiff as a board! He loosened up when he got on with big brother though. Watch my little jumping beans!



  1. My kiddos are dying for one. I just can't take the plunge. I'm so afraid of broken limbs. You haven't truly met my kids...even with the net, super scared.

  2. I want a trampoline for our family so badly! I think we would love it!

  3. Oh how fun! When we bought our hours 3 years ago, we were told we could keep the trampoline in the back yard. However, we only had two kids and they were 2 and 4 months, so we weren't sure about it. Next, we were also told, by our new neighbors, that kids from all over town would come to our backyard to jump when no one was home. That kinda freaked us out since we would be liable for any injuries that happened (whether we were home or not) and so we got rid of it. Now the kids are 5, 3, and almost one and I think the older two might have really enjoyed it. OH well...

    Thanks for visiting our blog. I love finding new blogging friends to follow and share a virtual life with. :)

  4. I'm far too nervous for a big one.... but we have a mini-one inside of our house that I got for $5 at a yard sale. Best. buy. ever. The kids have been jumping non-stop for the last 9 months!

  5. Trampolines are kid magnets. I really want one for the backyard - Hubby says no. He is afraid one of the kids will break their arm or something. Any advice on how I can change his mind. Oh and happy VGNO!!!

  6. Our trampoline was the best purchase! The boys use it ALL THE TIME!!

    Happy VGNO!

    Looks like fun!

  8. What a great video. The boys are having fun! I like the modern trampolines with the nets. I remember a friend of mine had one when we were kids (in the 70's).. a big one, with no net and we flew off that thing constantly... and fell through the springs. His dad also had a psycho german shepard ex-police dog that was highly protective of us kids... he'd get so upset he'd leap up on the trampoline and drag us off by our clothes. How'd we survive childhood?? ;D We have a small indoor trampoline that my daughter calls a jumpoline. We definitely got our money out of it.



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