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Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a boy!

LOL, no I'm not pregnant!
We do have a new family member though. His name is Blue and it's like having another baby that's for sure! I'm exhausted and he is wearing me out.

Blue Batman S.

border collie/golden retriever
7 weeks old
Isnt he cute!!!!!


  1. Awwwww!!!! Congrats on your new furbaby!!!!! Adorable!

  2. He is adorable!! I love puppies!

  3. How sweet is he? OMGosh he is precious.

  4. He is so cute!!! You made my kids say "awwwwww!". This was followed by my daughter getting her toes throughly kissed by a mini-Yorkie on the way to school today so I have no doubt I'll be hearing a fresh wave of 'Mommycanwehaveapuppypleeeeeeeese' pleas this evening ;D (she knows we can't have a dog because we move a lot, but she'll ask anyway)

  5. OMH he is so cute! I agree with you, puppies are harder than kids.

    He is adorable. CONGRATS!

  6. Adorable!!!
    There's no way you can not want to cuddle that little furball.



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