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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Great Mouse Rescue

Squishy has learned to be an outdoor cat and has reached his first milestone! He caught his first mouse. A teeny tiny baby mouse. He didn't kill it or even hurt the poor little thing. I don't think he knew what to do with it! All he wanted to do was play with it. Well the hubby apparently felt bad for him and attempted a mouse rescue! Guess who got it on video? Me of course, watch this.
Take notice of what he is wearing. My oven mitts. Sweet.


  1. Cute! My cat likes to leave her "prizes" right near my husband's truck door!!!

  2. Poor Kitty- cant have any fun :)

  3. Having a hunter cat is not a bad thing! We had a rat get in our house once and I was very glad to have a cat to corner it!! Rat

  4. Eeeeeee! Mice are right on top of my Scary ICK list!

  5. ha-that's hilarious!!! The cat is chasing the mouse, the man is chasing the cat...good stuff!



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