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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, Field Day

Field day was always so exhausting when I was younger. I remember doing the long jump, the high jump, 100 yard dash and all kinds of stuff that wore me out. My memories consist of side aches, lots of sweating and it went on allllll day long.

My sons field day for the past 3 years have been soooooo boring! The shoe kick? The geo throw? the soccer kick? The penguin walk? Seriously??? I am hoping that the 4th grade is more fun to watch. Don't get me wrong there were some exciting and fun things to watch, like 3................the long jump, the relay race and tug of war. Yeah, that's about it. I'm praying that it gets more exciting in the next 3 years; I will go to the 4th grade field day and it had better be exciting or I'm making up excuses for the rest of elementary school! Anyway enough of my whining here are some pictures that I got from this year and yes he looks like the shoe polish exploded in his face. I have no comment! To top it all off, he lost all of the ribbons that he won and he could have cared less!

By the way, if any of you have had issues getting my blog to run will you let me know. I dont know if its my computer or my web page! Thanks.

For more Wordfuls go visit Angie at 7 clown Circus! Happy Wednesday (it's the last day of school)


  1. Your page worked for me. It did take a while to play the slide.

    I am the worst mom in america because I never go to Kaishon's field days.

  2. From your photos, you could never tell that it was boring!

  3. ahhh i remeber those days at my kids old school-loved them and the kids did too.
    great pictures.

  4. Your page worked fine for me.........last year my daughter told me field day was the boringest day of her life. :)

  5. I hear ya. Jack's was boring, too.

  6. They call it "Kids' Day" at our kids school and it is full of crazy activities... they do a great job. what gets me is that it is exhausting! I mean, I know kids like to be active, but kids' day looks like a brutal workout... yet it is a good thing they split the day in half (k-2, 3-5) because it's hard to get the to stop!

    Good photos! Looks like he is having fun, and that's what matters :)



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