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Friday, May 22, 2009


So we feel like we should get the parents of the year award. NOT! We missed Jaxson's preschool continuation today. We feel like shit. How did that happen??????? I didn't even realize that it was today. So I got him on video singing Slippery Fish (the song from the little performance that we missed) and I will post it later. Now I'm going to go cry.


  1. dont feel too bad, i even forget to come to work sometimes..

  2. Oh My!!! Big hugs! I am so sorry. I know you must feel awful :(

    I did that to my second grader last year. I screwed up the time I was supposed to be there... it was 11am for an international cook day and I'd made his favorite dessert... guess what idiot BAD mommy showed up at 12am?? sigh... he's forgotten about it, I still feel like an idiot. oh well, it was a good lesson... now, I have incentive to remember this stuff. All I have to do is remember THAT very sad day, and now I check and double-check my schedules and calendars! I also went to J&R Electronics (website) and found a low price (refurbished) Palm PDA with a calendar tool that has an alarm I can set to remind me of all this stuff.



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