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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, Learning to get along

It's been almost 2 months now since getting the puppy and the cat is finally deciding that he secretly likes him! Blue (dog) will try to wrestle with Squishy (cat) and even though the cat growls and bats at him, he doesn't run away. I think he actually has fun. He had just better watch out, Blue isn't going to be this size for much longer! He is growing so fast and he is quite a stinker. Some days I hate him. Yes I said it, there are days when this puppy makes me so angry and frustrated that I have thought of taking him to the pound. I'm tired of the biting, nipping and jumping up on the table to eat food that is not his! I honestly didn't think that a puppy would be this exhausting! He is a real pain in the ass and I cant wait for him to grow up.
For more Wordful Wednesday, head over to 7 Clown Circus and join in on the fun! Happy Wednesday.


  1. That is one reason I dont' want a puppy. Lots of work and frustration...but he is so cute.

  2. Happy ww! They will be best buds before ya know it!

  3. Awww too sweet how nice the get along

  4. My husband wants a puppy so badly. I don't. I'll have to send him to read this post. :)

  5. awww, they are both cute together! LOVE your new profile pic!

  6. They are very cute! Cats are smart... I'm sure Squishy is happy with his new toy, um, companion :)

    Can't wait to get settled so we can get more kitties in our lives. I miss purrs. You are very brave, taking on a puppy. I don't think I could. I love animals, including dogs, but I have always been a cat person and am boggled/amazed at the work a puppy requires. I'm impressed with anyone who manages successfully! Hang in there!



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