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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Full of Surprises

Monday was filled with an evening of surprises! Lets see, the morning and afternoon went pretty normal. I took some family pictures of a friend and her girls. They turned out really good, I am very happy with them. Cleaning, cooking, picking up toys, playing mediator between the kids and the puppy, you know the usual stuff for the rest of the afternoon.

The kids were getting restless so I suggested that we go outside and wash my car. It was really bad, inside and out. We started by pulling the car out of the garage and into the driveway. I had the doors open and tried to bribe the kids to pull all of their crap (toys I mean) out of the car, but instead they were more interested in playing with all of my buttons and knobs. I got them distracted and they cam out of the car and we closed the doors and began washing. Once the car was clean they had had enough and went inside, I on the other hand needed to do some cleaning on the inside. Well guess what? I left the keys on the dashboard and the kids locked the car in the process of playing with the buttons!!! They hubby was not at all happy with that smooth move. He pulled out the wire coat hanger and tried his hardest to open that car, with no luck at all. The neighbor came over and brought his slim Jim and still no luck. I ended up calling the 24 hour locksmith and practically signed my (or the hubbys) life over to pay for it! $160 to unlock my flippin car!!! I almost swallowed my tongue when he gave me the total. That was my first surprise of the evening and we still had another one to come...................

We got the kids to bed and it started lightening and then raining and then hailing and then all of the sudden the wind really kicked up and suddenly we were on a tornado warning. Holy crap, it was a little scary, considering that we live only miles from the mountains and we NEVER get tornado warnings. We weren't sure what was going to happen so we grabbed the kids and headed to the basement. They didn't know what to think and neither did we. Luckily it was over within minutes and we only got side swiped! My best friend lives about 6 miles to the north of us and their neighborhood looks like, well like a tornado hit it. There were no actual tornado's (near us) but it would have been really scary if there had been. About 20 miles north of us they got hit REALLY BAD. Here are some pictures of the damage! This had to have been one, the news is still debating.


  1. Life is good when your kids agree that doing chores—like washing the car—is fun.

    Twitter: AboutParenting
    Photo ideas? 100 Portrait Ideas

  2. We always say if you want it to rain, wash your car! But boy, you took it to the extreme! Glad everyone is ok. Sorry to hear about the locksmith bill, whenever I've done that I just call AAA and they open up my car for me.

  3. OMG those pictures are sooo scary!

  4. Wow. Those pictures are crazy. Sorry about the keys in the car. That total would have made me swallow my tongue too. Ugh. That is ridiculous!

  5. Wow - my jaw dropped when I read what it cost to get the car unlocked! That's just crazy!

  6. Locksmith sounds like a good job to have. I bet you could do it part time too

  7. those pix re amazeing.. I am sad a bout the destrution, but you did a good job at capturing it..

  8. Holy Cow woman!! I can't believe that!! Wish I lived father in law can get virtually any car unlocked, and has saved us on several occasions...didn't realize that was a requirement to be a police officer...hmmmmm! I am DEATHLY affraid of tornados...and we DONT HAVE A BASEMENT....I would have been FREAKING OUT!!! Wow....those pics are crazy!



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