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Friday, July 10, 2009

Like water and oil....just not meant for one another

There are many things that just aren't meant to be and this is one of them.

Puppies and gum (that has been sitting in the sun all day long, mind you)......................

Yup, Blue found a nasty ass wad of gum and decided to smash his face in it and smear it around a little. Can you hear the cursing now??? Oh heck yea, I sounded like I came down with turrets! All I could keep asking myself was how the hell am I gonna get that off of him? The only trick I know is peanut butter, so I tried it. Didn't work out so great, I ended up having to cut the stickiness out and I cut the poor thing on the head. Now he looks stupid and bald, like he was abused or something!
Once again, I am asking myself what the hell was I thinking about getting a puppy????


  1. Oh Nicole,

    That was too funny. Probably not for you, but just reading about it made me laugh. Why did the puppy think it was a good idea to mess with a wad of gum? Looks like you did a great job repairing it.

  2. lmao! That is too funny! One for the books for sure.

  3. ha-that is hilarious how it is on the top of his head like that! What was he doing?? Dogs are really funny how smart they can be at one time and absolutely brainless in another!

  4. We used to have a problem with our kitten dumping the trash... it's not like we didn't feed him! But he wanted people food too. Spoiled brat. He made such horrible messes!, and he'd STAIN his white fur. Try explaining yellow and blue marks to an over-protective vet! It was very frustrating! That was years and years ago - and this was the kitten we just lost... I'd give anything to have our little mustard head back again.

    I guess that what I'm trying to say is that in future, you'll look back at this and only see the cute endearing puppy-ness of the whole thing. :-p ... in a few years...

  5. The peanut butter didn't work?? Parker got gum in his hair in the last six months, and with plenty of peanut butter and all came out!! BUMMER!! I have to say though, I agree with you on the puppy is a REALLY HARD STAGE! I like getting dogs that are about a year or two old...

  6. I just have two words......

    "Oh. Nicole". :)

  7. He doesn't look bald and stupid.... He is adorable.

    This is so something that would have gone down at my house.

    My animals are more work than my kids!

  8. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment - so nice of you. This puppy and gum post is funny. I grew up in a household with lots of kids and lots of pets and the introduction of gum to either one never ends well. Nice to discover your blog!


  9. WOW! I dredd this... our poor puppies will most likely end up having this issue...

    one day sooner than later!



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