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Friday, July 17, 2009

Middle of Summer Boredom

So we still have a month to go before the kids are back in school and we are running out of things to do! Summer has finally hit and it's hot! All they want to do is go swimming but I cant afford to do that every day. We have been trying to go with friends who belong to pools or live in a complex that has one. The only problem with that, is that I only have 2 arms and 3 kids. Luckily I don't have to worry about Shay too much, he can swim and would rather not hang out with me. Having 2 little ones that don't know how to swim is a definite challenge though. Going to a pool that doesn't have a shallow area is a drag. It's not much fun for me or the kids to carry them around a pool. How am I suppose to teach them to swim when they are both locked around my waist and holding onto me with a death grip? That's the problem we have run into, friends that have pools in their apartment complexes that are just 1 deep pool. I have tried to buy all of the floating devices and they want nothing to do with them and refuse to use them. I agree, it's much more fun to go to a place that they can run around and play in the water and I can sit and watch! Therefore our only option is to spend the money and go to a kid friendly pool!!!! I swear I just cant catch a break when it comes to spending money.


  1. I know that the pool is making a KILLING, so why can't they lower the prices every once in a while?? I would sure appreciate it, and I'm sure you would too!

  2. My boss always wants me to take the kids I nanny for swimming and I'm always like....argh!

  3. I hear ya. We have been going through money like water this summer. ugh.

  4. Money...
    oh don't get me started about that.
    I may cry!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer otherwise!

    A few days to go and my wife is back to work, she is a teacher, and our lil man will be at his day care...




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