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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Week in review

I dont know what it is but I just dont feel like being on the computer! It's not that I have nothing to blog about, believe me, my life is far from boring! I've noticed it throughout the bloggysphere as well. It must be the nice weather and all of us suffering from cabin fever. We just want to get outside and get stuff done. Well at least that's how I have been! This past week the weather was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. It was 70-80 degrees and sunny almost all week, that is until the weekend came and it decided to be chilly again. Why is that? It's nice when were all stuck inside at work and then it gets nasty on our days off? I have never understood how mother nature does that.

Enough about the weather this is what we accomplished this week!
Monday there was no school and we cleaned (yeah I know thats nothing unusual around here) and had dinner at the Pizza Shop where the kids got a lesson on how to make dough. They were really interested! Baseball practiced was cancelled due to soggy fields from the previous weekend.
Tuesday was back to school and a pretty lazy day, we hung out outside and enjoyed the weather. Wednesday I was back to work (if you could call it that) and it was really slow, I made a whopping $30 in tips. Needless to say that didnt go very far! Then it was off to baseball practice and it was so nice to sit there and watch the kids without freezing my tush off or sitting in the car listening to the little ones fight.
Thursday was National take your child to work day and Shaymus went to work with me at the restaurant. It was even slower than the day before! He had fun though and I think he got an idea of what I do and why I'm so tired when I get home from a busy day. He took over and was refilling drinks, getting bread and clearing dishes. He was a great helper and even made some money. We were busy so I was only able to get 1 picture of him eating lunch with one of the other kids. Friday was filled with running kids to and from school and yard work. Our front and back yard was in need of some major TLC. We paid a guy to come power rake and aerate the lawn. We put grass seed down, cleaned out the flower beds and planted seeds. All of that work got me really excited for spring and summer to get here and stay here! I'm excited to start planting all of my flowers and to finally see some color around here again!
Saturday was work for me and day with dad. When I got home we went shopping for a birthday gift, scrapbooking stuff (for my girls getaway next weekend, stay tuned) and returned the piece of shit portable DVD player that we bought 2 months ago. What ever you do, dont buy the memorex 10" widescreen portable dvd player, EVER. It sucks and it broke after 1 1/2 months of use. Thank goodness they let us return it! That would have been $150 down the drain.

And finally, today was filled with cleaning, dying my hair, cleaning, a football game and double header baseball games.
Whew, what a week. Oh and I have a question, can anyone guess what my child is eating? I'll give you a hint, it's meant to be outside and not in his mouth!
I swear to god if this "fashion" isnt gone by the time my kids are in highschool I will lock them in a closet! The hubby and I couldnt help but stare (and laugh)at these two and their outfits. How is it that the kids think THIS is cool????

Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful week! Check back often as I am planning on another giveaway!


  1. I'm laughing at you taking secret pictures of someone! Haha!

  2. Is that blue chalk? Or Miracle Gro? You guys have been very busy! We've been swamped, and I've been a bit overwhelmed. Sometimes it is hard to blog when you can't focus on only one thought long enough to write it down!

    oh - and I am all for kids/teens wearing whatever they want. Might as well while they still can! :)

  3. Connie,
    Yes that is blue chalk. He loves the stuff and i finally had to throw it all away!

  4. You do sound busy. I too have been enjoying the nice weather here in California. BTW, I am Connie's SIL.

  5. You seem as busy as a bee! Glad you still had the time to blog. Really enjoyed this post, your son is soooo cute! Do tell us what the blue stuff is!



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