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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cat stinks, literally.

So Squishy has suddenly started using my carpets as his litter box. For the last week I have been trying to find the location of the smell but had no luck. I swore it was coming from the litter box and have been constantly cleaning it out. The poor cat can barely finish his business without me scooping it out. Well last night we were watching t.v. and that was all I could smell, cat piss/ammonia. Its disgusting and I have such a sensitive nose that I smell even the littlest hints of stench. So instead of watching the tube with the hubby I spent 15 minutes crawling around my living room with my nose to the, I found it. Damn cat has been peeing in the corner and all along the front of the fire place!!!! Whats a cranky mommy to do? Get out the carpet cleaner and start scrubbing, I sprayed the resolve on and let it sit over night and now guess what? It smells even worse. My project for today..........steam cleaning my living room and while I'm at it, all of the other rooms in the house. It's a perfect day to do it, it's warm out, so I can open my windows and let it dry quickly. If the cat keeps it up, this is where he is going to end up!!!! permanently.


  1. Yikes...I have never smelled cat pee, but I can only guess it stinks.

  2. Darn cat!!! Hope ya get that smell out of the is nasty.

  3. Oh nooooo! I think cat pee has to be one of the WORST smells. I hope the shampooing does the deed!

  4. The smell of cat pee is so penetrating, ick.

    My cat starts peeing around the house every time she has a bladder infection...

  5. Steam cleaning wont help. You gotta get that spray from PetSmart. Get that and just spray the shit out of the carpet (or whatever). It works. Been there. LOL

  6. cat odors like that are so hard to get out. My last cat, just out of the blue one day, started pooping on the carpet in front of the fire place. Then, he would pee in Suzie's baby bed. That was when I got rid of him.
    Other than that- he was a good kitty

  7. Cat pee is the worst. The bad thing is you can hardly ever get rid of the smell, beause it's soaked down to the carpet pad and floor underneath. I hope that PetSmart stuff works!

    We had a cat that peed all over the place once and we took it to a shelter. Then about a year later, at a street fair, this particular shelter had a booth with cats for adoption and I swore I saw our cat in one of the cages and I started crying. When I got closer I realized it wasn't our cat after all.

  8. Cat wee definitely stinks, but let me know if you come up with any ideas as to how I can get one of my three cats to stop pooping BESIDE the litter box. Even more props if you can pinpoint which little bugger is doing it.
    After that, can you figure out which one has the puking problem?
    We're clearly having issues with our cats right now. LOL

  9. "Axi-dent Pet Odor Neutralizer. It’s the only stuff we’ve ever used that immediately wipes out the smell of cat pee when a cat has peed on the bed or a chair (no longer a problem, thank god)." This is a quotation from She has 10 cats and is fostering 7 kittens at the moment. She has a link to the product under "i recommends"
    She has no affiliation with the product so it is an unsolicited endorsement.

    This is a first time visit to your blog via my DIL Connie. So I'm here to explore a bit.



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