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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How dad's entertain the children

This is what happens when I leave playtime up to Daddy. I don't think I have EVER seen my son laugh so hard. I thought he was going to throw his dinner up. All they wanted was for dad to play with the clay and build something. That he did........................

Jaxson thinks this is the funniest thing on the planet. Too bad I didn't get the video going sooner. My dumb ass thought it was going and it wasn't. I got the tail end of it when he was getting tired of laughing!


  1. Seriously. How sweet are those videos. I like the boobie song daddy made up. It goes perfectly with the hot pink boobs on the freaky yellow punk-rock chicken...or whatever that thing was!

  2. Dude. Did Brandon get new ink? That one on his arm is friggin HUGE! I dont remember it. He's going to have to become a biker and grow a beard he can braid or something....(giggle)

  3. Oh, how can you get upset with those lazy dads when they play so well with others... I had to blog about the shoulder rub & bubble bath because it never happens.... But I do love dads playing with their kids.

  4. Too Cute!

    Please pray for my friend Emily!

  5. OMGosh!! Too funny! I love kids' belly laughs! Isn't it great? Who ever said laughter is the best medicine is so totaly right!

    Take care!! ;0)

  6. What funny videos! My 4 year old son's new favorite word is boobies, so he would get a major laugh out of this!

  7. haha, that is a classic laugh!



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