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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

Living in a house full of boys will always be a challenge and there is never a dull moment...........see for yourself!
For more Wordful Wednesday head on over to Angie's blog and stay tuned here in the next week or so, my 100th post is coming up and I feel a contest coming on!!!!!


  1. Ha Ha Ha! Fun. Guess I should be glad I just have one boy! But yours ARE cute!

  2. All those giggles! Nothing like siblings as toys and slippery wood floors as playspace! :-D My two run off with my laundry baskets, as 'boats'. (we do not have stairs to worry about!)

  3. I remember those days...I laugh now...but when I was a young mother, I always wondered as I sat for a quiet moment before something else came up...wondered where they got all their energy.

    Now as a grandma, I can sit back and enjoy it all vicariously through you ladies with W. W.!!!

    Happy Wordful to you today. If you can, stop by for my 'twin towers', I'd love your company.

  4. Boys are definitely a different breed but they sure love life!

  5. LOL
    Oh how glad I am that my 2 boys aren't close in age! Although, I'm sure your boys have so much fun together!

  6. "DO That Again!!!"

    I LOVE IT!! Okay, so I don't know what I love more though...that the one is in his undies, or that little man's shirt is gonna be all stretched...!! I JUST did a video of my three-year-old because he does this INSANE walk. I have yet to post it, but he is TOTALLY sportin the underoos!! Gotta love boys...I soooo do!!

  7. Girls can be just as ornery... my two girls pulls off stunts my boys never came close to doing

  8. Put some soap under Jax and you've got yourself a self-cleaning floor sweeper! Sweet!

  9. He is gonna be so mad if he finds out you posted him in his underwear!



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