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Thursday, February 12, 2009

When's it going to end?!!!!!

Yes I'm talking about the sickness in my house! Holy cow it's been 2 weeks now and nothing has changed. Well I can't say nothing, actually it's gotten worse. 2 out of 3 kids have had horrible colds that include CONSTANT coughing, fever, running noses, black circles under their eyes and pure crankiness!

Late yesterday I was able to get Jax into the doctor for a late appointment because he woke up looking like death was at our freakin door. He didn't improve throughout the day, he took a 3 hour nap and coughed so much that I just couldn't stand it anymore. We got to the doctor and he was concerned enough to tell me we had to do chest xrays because he suspected pneumonia! That was enough to freak me out right then and there. He said he sounded pretty "rattly" in his lungs. Our oldest son Shay has dealt with asthma since he was 1 1/2 years old and I just don't want to deal with another child and breathing issues; It's horrible! Luckily his lungs were clear and he gave us an antibiotic, he also told us that the cough would probably last for another week or so. Ughhhhh, I can't stand not being able to relieve him so I tried something tonight that I always tell people about but have never had the chance (or remembered) to actually try it. Vicks, not on his chest but on his feet. I have heard that it works wonders because there are so many pressure points on the bottom of your feet.

I'm a believer! His cough has practically stopped and I did it 20 minutes ago!!!! I am so happy and now lets hope we can both get some sleep tonight!
Let's hope the baby is getting better and not worse like Jax did. You tell me, how pathetic is this...................


  1. I hope Jax gets feeling better real soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about my twitter status. I always wonder if people really read them. lol! I'm still coughing and have been since Christmas. It got better for a while but then came back worse than ever while I was on vacation. My voice is mostly back so that is a positive :)

    You have a cool blog ... I'll be back!

  2. ooh! poor baby! I hope all of you are healthy and SOON!!! I'll have to remember the vicks feet trick. My son gets bad cough/asthma symptoms too and I hate not being able to do anything!! We do find that a bite of honey can be very soothing.. it will calm his cough enough to let him sleep.

  3. I have to say, the children being ill in our house is a darn sight easier than daddy being ill.
    Ye gods that man is a drama queen!

    Many thanks for coming over to mine and commenting - really great to 'meet' you!

  4. I've heard people rave about the Vicks on the feet, but I've never tried it. I forget about things like that when I really need them.

  5. Hoping everyone is healthy at your place!!!

  6. That is a very interesting suggestion. I will have to try and remember it. Hope Jax is feeling 100% soon

  7. My house is sick too...well just the dh for now but I'm praying the kids and I wont get it again.

    The sick is definitely going around. I'm surprise there isnt a news story about it all.

    I'm sorry your family is sick. Stronger immune you'll get right? or that's what I heard.
    I hope you all get better soon.

    I have heard about the Vicks on the foot bottom. I 'm sooo glad it works.

    p.s thanks for visiting my blog

  8. I hope everyone is starting to feel better. It's never fun with sick kids in the house.



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