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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Band Aid theory

My first son refused to put a band aid on. EVER. Even if he was really bleeding, no way no how! He has grown out of that thank goodness because he is a boy, you know, he tends to get hurt, A LOT.

Jaxson on the other hand thinks he needs one for everything and being a boy, a very clumsy boy I might add, he tends to get hurt a lot! So yesterday he gets a small scratch on his hand and begs for a stupid band aid. I finally gave in after arguing that he doesn't need one! (I bought those new waterproof "tattoo" band aids and he thinks they're the coolest thing ever). Anyway he had it on for a few hours and comes to me insisting that his owie is all gone and he can take it off. After another argument I gave in and took it off. He asks me if he can see the band aid and upon examining it he asks me "where's the owie?"
I said " what do you mean? it's on your hand".
He says spitting the words at me, "nooooo, the owie is sposssse to come off with the band aid!!!!" My response was me busting out laughing.

Why can't I have a video camera going at all times?


  1. The addiction to bandaids breaks when they inevitably get one that sticks and hurts more to remove than the original owie did! Until then, bandaids fix everything, esp. hurt feelings.

  2. Gracie used to freak out if I even mentioned a band aid. I dont think she liked how they felt stuck to her.
    Now, she begs for me to get her a band aid- even for booboo that aren't bleeding. I try to explain that band aids are only good to stop the bleeding, not the pain

  3. How super cute was that!! Wheres the owie"
    I love it!!

  4. Hi there...! That is GreAt!! I have three boys, so I totally get it! I often think...why do I care if they have a bandaid when they get many are in the box that i spent $2 on?? I mean seriously, it isn't worth the fight...and I fight it...Ah well!! Love the blog!



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