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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Lego

Let me first start by saying thank you (I think). You have entertained my kids for endless hours since Christmas. They have enjoyed creating, building, breaking and creating over and over again. Since Christmas we have received and bought a few of your "Lego kits" that consist of directions and pieces to create very cool cars, forts and helicopters, but there is a problem with them. My oldest loves to build them and put them on a shelf to be admired and looked at. My middle son (who is 3) loves to play with and break those creations and my youngest (who is 2) likes to eat those creations. Why do you feel the need to make your pieces smaller and smaller making them easier to lose ALL OVER my house and get sucked up in my vacuum? I swear I find Lego's everywhere.............on the floor, in the bath tub, in my shoes, in the clean and dirty laundry. They are in the bathrooms, the kitchen, the garage, the car and in my bed. Can I tell you how uncomfortable it is to crawl into bed after a long day and find a little Lego man creeping up my pant legs or him finding a cozy spot in the middle of my left butt cheek is??? The only place I have yet to find one is in my child's dirty diaper................I said yet. How do you expect me to keep track of a thousand or more little pieces without them disappearing??? I think your next kit should include glue to keep their creations in tact, in one permanent piece. Please, I am begging you for the sake of my sanity, I cannot handle the children fighting over you, the constant cleaning of Lego's and always reminding my child not to eat and choke on you.


Mom over at Sanity Check


  1. child's dirty diaper...I hope you don't find one there!

    Love this post!

  2. Legos are the boy equivalent to Polly Pockets....I HATE THEM BOTH!

  3. All I have to do is threaten to vacuum them up and they get picked up! >;-)

    I can't stand how the kits have all these specialized pieces. You can make the designated item, and not much else. Lose a piece, or mix up sets, and tough. Gotta love the Lego website though.

  4. holy cow, thats lots of lego pieces!

  5. is like Dajavu...!! We got our 7-year-old some starwars lego ships...which have to be put together in just the right I have to tell you!!...and my three-year-old LOVES to dismantle and hide the pieces and guys!! Some of the pieces look so small that I don't know how they even fit onto the legos themselves...ugh. Well, needless to say, I don't create anything, and there are make-shift ships floating all over the house!!

  6. Wow.. this is my life too.. I LOVE every single second of Legos.. LOL..

  7. Boy, I hear ya. Lego creations and pieces EVERYWHERE. It really, really hurts to step on one in the dark.

    Luckily ours don't get eaten, at least, I don't think so. Maybe I should check the dog's poop to make sure...



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