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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Fever

As if I don't have enough kids huh? Yes it is that time in my life again. I'm suffering from major baby fever! How? Isn't having 3 kids enough? I love my kids to death but I miss them falling asleep on my chest, looking at their little bodies and listening to them breath. I miss everything about them and especially being pregnant, feeling them squirm around in my tummy. I know that sounds wierd, but I do. I loved being pregnant even through the morning sickness, the sciatica, the restless legs syndrome and what ever else I have chosen to block out. I loved it!!! I will have to admit that all three of my pregnancies were very easy and enjoyable unlike a lot of other moms that I know. But sigh....the hubby got snipped and there is no way that he would ever go through with having a reversal done. No way in hell!

Good news though, my brother Cody and his wife Palmyra are having their first baby (due in Nov)! It's another boy of course; my poor mother is never going to have a grand daughter! So I guess I will have to settle on getting my baby fix from my nephew.

In the meantime I have a baby shower to prepare for. I guess making invitations and creating lists of food, decorations, games and whatever else us girls do at babyshowers will keep me from thinking about babies.

The sad thing is after really sitting down and thinking about having a baby, I realize that I want to grow up! We enjoy sleeping through the night and getting to go on date nights again or even a vacation if we wanted to. Yes I will definitly get my baby fix from elsewhere!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

More than a bad mommy moment

I don't know what my deal has been this month but I have been a lazy ass. No other way to put it. It has been a BAD MOMMY MONTH.

Last month I was all motivated and made three separate "lists". The first was a daily schedule....from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed, there was something that needed to be done. Nap time, cleaning, playtime, homework and dinner time....and all of the other shit us moms do. Second there was a list of daily chores for the kids to do, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Nothing too complicated just enough to help me out around the house. Third was a list of daily chores for the adults to do. Things that need to be done every week that sometimes get forgotten about for far too long. Toilets, sheets, windows, bathroom rugs.... This was going to make my life so much easier and keep things organized and my house somewhat clean everyday. These lists are all hanging on the fridge and laminated with a dry erase marker to make sure all has been done and marked off. Pretty simple huh?

He he, yeah right. It stuck for about a week and then it all went to hell.

My house looks like a bomb went off in it. There is a pink ring growing in my toilets and the bathtub has turned a gross color of grey. I don't know how, cuz the kids are lucky to get a bath every few days. There is mail, paperwork (that gets sent home from school that you wonder about throwing out or not), medicine, cameras, toys and who knows what else piling up on my island in the kitchen and to top it off where in the hell did all of these freakin toys come from?!!! And the laundry could go on and on and on. Yes my house looks like a family of pigs live here.

Not only that but I just can't get the motivation to sit down and do homework with my child. I have really slacked off with that. I feel really bad about neglecting my children but I feel like I am in slow motion! Shay came home from school last week and our conversation went something like this.

Shay - " Mrs. Dawkins says I have to turn in my reading log for August".

Mom - "What? What reading log? I have never even seen a reading log!"

Shay - "This one, on the back of my homework calendar". The one he pulls off of the fridge and flips over to reveal a months worth of slots that are empty.
Mom - "Oh shit, I didn't even know this was there!"
Shay - "It was due last week"

Yes I had a really bad mommy moment. I had no idea that I was suppose to be logging how many minutes he read every night and that if he read less than 300 minutes for the month he got a 1 (equalling an F) for a reading grade that month. So I frantically write the teacher a note explaining that I never bothered to look at the back of the homework calendar. Sorry! I felt like an ASS.

Anyway, I think today I finally got out of my funk. I was able to cross off most of my chores that have been neglected and my house is livable again. Yea! From this moment on a promise to not neglect my house and children anymore!

Has anyone else had one of these longer that normal "moments"?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My addiction

Those of you who know me and those who don't, now know that I am a hair addict. Yes I have to change my hair constantly and it's been so many different colors that I really couldn't tell you what my natural color is..... except that it is a shade of brown.

I have been dying my hair for years now I think it is finally catching up to me and trying to tell me something! My hair has decided to pick it's own color and it's not one that I am thrilled with. It is turning GRAY!!!! Holy shit I am only 31. I must say that I thought it was amusing when a few years ago I would always find that one hair that was always in the same spot. Well that spot has grown in the past year and it is not amusing anymore. Actually is has become quite noticeable and annoying. Not only that, it is laughing at me now and has decided not to like dye anymore.

I couldn't handle the "natural highlights" anymore and decided to change colors. I chose a dark burgundy brown and then added blond highlights. I got the color done and dried my hair. Ok not so bad. I then began pulling my hair through the cap and began laughing at myself in the mirror as the realization of what I looked like hit me.

Have you ever seen the ugliest dog competition? Hee Hee Hee. Just the hair is a resemblelnce, I myself can control my tongue!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I couldn't get just one ???

I am talking about a girl.....a sweet little girl who likes dolls, makeup and you know girly stuff!!!

Nope not me just 3 boys, and one who tends to get into trouble. Shay come on down your the lucky winner again!!
Today the babysitter sends me a text while I am at work. It says - call when you get a minute need to talk to you about an incident.

My usual reaction "oh hell, now what"?.

Here goes....boys will be boys and they like to tease girls right? Right. It started out as filling water bottles with h2o and tossing them at each other, getting all wet. Simple fun right? Well if you have boys you know that the water gets boring and they had to shake things up a little bit by adding dirt and grass to make a mud bomb. Okay whatever, don't do it it's not nice to the girls. Well it wasnt enough for the boys and one of them (only one of them was mine) decided to PEE in the bottles and throw them at the girls!!!!!! WTF were they thinking??? It still isn't clear who actually did the peeing, they are blaming each other. Well you know how girls are (no offense to anyone who has them) they went home crying. I dont blame them, me personally would have beat the shit out of those boys! Anyhoo, their mother got all pissy and came to my house to bitch at me and got the babysitter (who happens to be one of my closest friends and took it really well).

So how do you come up with a punishment for that? I have given up on grounding him cuz in all reality it's more of a punishment for me! I get soooo sick of hearing "what can I do if I cant go out and play?" and I am even more sick of saying "find something to do in your room!!!" So today with went with the embarassment technique. He had to write a letter to all of the girls involved and their parents apologizing and asking for forgivness. He also had to write a letter to the "other" boys parents and had to apologize for being desrespectful and irresponsible. We went for a little walk and hand delivered them to each house where he had to also apologize to the girls and their parents. Then he had to do chores and continue them for the rest of the weekend!!!

Like I said why couldnt I have had just one girl?!!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Props to my hubby

Well he will probably hate that I am doing this but I want everyone to know what a wonderful person he is! Not only does he take care of his family making sure that we have everything that we need and do special thinkgs for us all of the time, he works hard and takes care of complete strangers whether he is working or not. Yesterday he was given an award from the City of Lakewood and South Metro Fire for his heroic actions last month. He saw a woman get hit by a car after stepping off of a bus. Even if he didn't have the training he would have stopped anyway. So he did stop and held her until the emergency crews got there making sure she was immobilized and holding her brain in! I just wanted him and everyone else to know what an amazing person, father and husband he is. I love you hon.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another!

Today started out like any other Saturday. Get up, get everyone ready and head to work leaving the kids to spend the day with dad. When I get a moment to breath I give the boys a call to see how things are going and what they have been up to. Usually it's "nothin, just hanging out playing". Today's conversation went a little different.....

Me - "hi, what are you guys doing"?

Husband - " I need to call you back I just sliced my foot open"

Me - "What? oh OK"

So he calls me back and says "I'll be OK, I was mowing the lawn and stepped back onto one of those big sharp rocks, the boys are fine and we will see you in awhile".

I have thoughts going on in my head now, it cant be that bad, he isn't freaking out on the phone or anything and you know how guys are....they're big babies and they tend to exaggerate.

So I get home and my husband has blood running down his ankle and cant stop the bleeding! So naturally I tell him he needs to go to the E.R. (of course, it's Saturday couldn't happen during the week) and being the stubborn man that he is says "hell no". Um yeah you need stitches. He proceeds to take a shower and "clean" his wound, with a few choice words I might add.

I go on with my day and leave to take the oldest to a sleep over birthday party (20 mins away). I get there and while visiting I get a phone call from a panic stricken husband.

Him - "Honey, I think I need to go to the E.R. How soon are you going to be home?"

Me - "What? Ok I am on the way" Didn't I suggest that before I left?????

So instead of us going out to dinner with our friends we spent the evening at Urgent care waiting with two children for 2 hours. We had our vending machine dinner and daddy got stitches and those handy crutches!

Do you remember in my original post when I said something about getting technical about how many children I have? Well this is going to be one of those weeks, I will have 4 kids to take care of for the next day or two!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Let me introduce myself

A quick summary of me and my life.....

I am a part time working/ full time mother of three usually wonderful boys. Shaymus is 8 going on 18, Jaxson is 3 and Riley is 19 months. If you really want to get technical I actually have 4 boys if you include my husband!

My typical daily routine is as follows.... pry my eyes open between 6:30 and 7 am and hang out with my early bird Riley. Wake the other two up at 7:30, make breakfast and attempt to get them all dressed and ready for the day by 8:15. It sounds pretty easy right? Why is it that when it is time to leave the house for school the baby is still in his pj's? Anyway Shay goes to school everyday and usually walks or rides with his friends. Thank god he is getting to that age that he is pretty independent.... did I really just say that? Jaxson goes to school two days a week (wednesday and Friday) in the morning. So on those days we walk both of them to school. It is not so bad, yet. I also babysit for a friend of mine on Tuesdays and Fridays. Her Daughter Eleyna goes to the same preschool, except in the afternoons. Here is where it starts to get complicated! I work on Wednesdays, thursdays and Saturdays (lunch shift). To make a long story short I am ALWAYS in my car. It's either taking someone to school or dropping them off or both (Fridays) or going to work or going to my second home, known as the grocery store. Hence the name of my blog! The scary thing is it's only going to get worse as they get older! Our days are always filled with chaos, battles, owies, brotherly love and a lot of stories.


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