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About Me

I started this blog after reading a friends for about 6 months and I thought it would be "fun".  Little did I know how addicting it would become!  Over the last year and a half I have come up with quite a bit to write about and have learned that I really love cooking and blogging about it.  Dont get me wrong, I love to blog about my family but they aren't THAT interesting.  You guys only want to hear about so much of them and their boy ways.  I started Cooking 101 as a way to get my recipes out there and for others to learn something from me or to just have something new to make for dinner.  That has always been the universal question right?  "What's for dinner" and we get sick of cooking and eating the same old thing.  It's nice to have some variety, that your family will love and your kids will eat!

I have been a part time working stay at home mother of 3 boys for the past 10 years.  In the begining I tried to work full time but it just didnt happen.  Since then, my husband and I have been able to make it work and I have loved being at home with my kids.  In my past ten years I have taken an interest in cooking, baking and photography and have self taught myself the basics and have been building onto them.

This is where my creative side is showing itself!  I hope you enjoy it and if you should ever need or want to contact me I would love to hear from you.

All my love and creativity,


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