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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kindergarten Registration, What a Joke!

So kindergarten registration "began" today at 7 am and is open for the next week.

I went into the school last week to ask some questions about it, but, I got some answers I wasn't expecting! The school that my kids attend is our "home school", so doesn't that mean that we should get priority over open enrolled students? Apparently not, because I was told is was a 1st come 1st serve type of deal and that it gets pretty crazy on opening day. Here's why....... there is 1 a.m class, 1 p.m class and 1 full day class (which you have to pay $300/month for). There are 25 slots for each class equalling 75 slots and if you end up being #26 in any of those classes, you get put on a waiting list!!! WTH is up with that?

So, I dragged ( or is it drug ?) myself out of bed at 6:30 this morning to be at the school at 6:45. Guess how many people were already in line? I got registration packet #22!!!! So here's hoping that we get in without a problem.

But here's my next question.......What if your kid doesn't get in? Do they just have to skip Kindergarten? Isn't kindergarten required? I don't know, but the whole process sounds REALLY stupid to me. I don't remember it being so complicated when Shay started kindergarten.


  1. Ok i have heard of crazy enrolements befor but this tops it!! Whats up with paying $3oo. for full time Kindergarden.. Crazzy crazzy crazzy..

    I really hope he gets in..

  2. I have heard of this problem - I agree, WTH?! I thought kindergarten was required... so what do you do? And while we were able to get our kids in (whew) it seems that most schools have very small kindergarten classes in comparison to the rest of the grades - meaning, there might be 4 1st grade rooms, but only 2 kindergarten. Why? Is your older child in the same school? Hopefully they will give some priority to siblings. Good luck.

  3. Yes, my older child is in the same school. You would think that would give us special consideration, but I dont think so!!!

  4. That is crazy! Thank God school is closed enrollment. It is practically full in Kindy with all the people that live just in my 'hood. I did try to put my 1st son in full time kindy in the school district below us (St. Vrain) last year and he got in on open enrollment (and in the full day program with $300 tuition). I had no idea that he could have taken the spot of a child that actually lived there. That would be insane. I ultimately kept him here in Weld Co. even though I didn't like 1/2 day.

  5. We went through that with our first one and then when the second one came along we were guaranteed a spot. So glad we didn't have to go through that again. I am sure you will get in..but registration can be annoying

  6. I am not sure about laws in all states, but in most compulsary age is 6, which means Kindergarten is NOT a requirement. Weird huh? I only know this because this is a big question homeschoolers have.

    I'm confused why you have to enroll in the middle of the year? I hope you get the time slot you want!

  7. Close call there. What does happen if they don't get in?



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