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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!! 2010????

Is it really 2010??? That is just so strange to me and yet exciting. It's a new year, a time to start over and get things done. Things you have been putting off or just meaning to do. Make big changes and look forward to all that's in our future. So, here's wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and fortunate 2010 and many more!

I do have a few new years resolutions, and I am planning on sticking to them throughout the year. Wanna hear them? Well first off I registered for school a few days ago and I decided that I'm going to take some photography classes and work on really getting a business of my own up and running. I would feel more confident in myself if I had a few classes under my belt and had more knowledge in the field. That's just how I am, I'm a learner and if I don't feel completely comfortable in what I'm doing I wont succeed.

Second, I'm going to get into shape. I can just hear all of you that know me, asking why I need to work out. I only weigh 108 lbs. and I want to keep the weight, I want to get rid of the muffin top that has taken residence around my hips!!!! I tell people "you don't see me without the clothes and let me tell ya, it's not pretty". My dear sweet hubby gave me a gift card to Victorias Secret and I love him for it, but can I tell you that I swear they do something to their mirrors in the dressing rooms.....maybe it's just the lighting and the full length mirror, but holy cellulite!!!! Seriously, I have never seen myself looking so horrible. I know that the absence of sun is not helping the situation but I have got to get rid of this baby fat that is terrorizing my mid section. If only they could come up with a way to suck all of that fat out of my hips and transfer it to my boobs............sigh. Yup, before I die, I'm getting a boob job. My hubby says no, but dammit, it's not his body and he doesn't think he would like it, but c'mon, he's a man and what man doesn't like big boobs???

So anyway, those are my goals for the year (minus the boob job) and I plan on having a similar body to the one before having kids and a business of my own!

What are your resolutions?


  1. YOu are so funny. Good luck with your resolutions. I would love to have a photography business. Love shooting pictures.
    Have a great year!

  2. "If only they could come up with a way to suck all of that fat out of my hips and transfer it to my boobs............sigh."

    Actually, they do that now. ;) And trust me, liposuction isn't as awesome as one might think. I should know. lol

  3. Good luck with new boobies and a new buisnes! :)

    Happy New Years.

  4. Happy New Year Nicole... may you get EVERYTHING you want this year!



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