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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, Good Hair Gone Bad

You know how some people keep the same hair cut and color for all eternity? Yeah, that's not me. At. All. My family and friends know that I cannot keep the same thing for more than a month. Whether it's cutting it, coloring it, or styling it different every day. It's always something.
Long story short. I highlight my own hair and it turns out pretty decent. My sweet, adoring, manly and loving husband pulls my hair through a cap (just what he wants me to blab) while we sit and watch one of our crime shows and then I slather it up with the horrible smelling bleach. Easy peasy.
Last week I bought some new product and we did our little ritual. I made sure to check it often since I had never used it before. When it started to look like it was getting really light I decided it was time to rinse and style as usual.
Here is a before photo
Here is an after photo. You decide................carrot top or blinky the clown?????? Needless to say the hubby and I had a very good laugh (cry) and then I put a hat on and went straight to the store for hair dye. I'M DONE HIGHLIGHTING MY HAIR. A PROMISE TO MYSELF!!!!
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  1. oh no!! i recently colored my hair black/brown from a lt brown and i looked like a zebra. hope that makes you feel! good thing is that it is only hair and it will keep growing! LOL!

    my ww:

  2. Oh no! Well, the good news is that you can dye it back. So you can breathe a sigh of relief there. At least you got a good chuckle out of the whole situation! (As did your readers.)

  3. This is why I no longer dye my hair. It is completely back to my normal color now. It doesn't look horrible but I do like it darker.

  4. You poor thing. It could be worse though. I'm sure of it. Console yourself with that.

  5. Your hair is one thing you can't take risks on, as you probably learned. I'm too scared to color my own hair. I'm impressed that you at least tried.

    It's getting cooler now and you'll need a hat anyway, right??? j/k It doesn't look that bad. Really, it doesn't. I do like the darker color better, though. O.k., I'll shut up now.

    Happy WW! :-)

  6. Oh my gosh! when I was younger- my best friend and I streaked her hair. She had dark brown hair- but by the time we finished, she had blond hair with dark streaks.

    No matter how it turned out- that is so cute your hubby helps you. Plus it gave you something to blog

  7. I never color my own hair!! My hair dresser is a friend and would always be honest about my selection. :)

    Your hair doesn't look bad at all by the way.

    I have a family of redheads so I'm partial to the color.

  8. I color my own hair too. I have never tried to highlight it myself though. I am cracking up at your expression. You are too funny.

  9. Oh you poor thing! I feel your pain...I tried to do highlights in my hair once - I had this thought that if it was darker I'd be taken more 'seriously' in the professional world since I'm naturally a blonde. the darker 'highlights' turned purple. Yeah, that'll get me taken seriously. ;)

    Happy WW! :)

  10. When mishaps happen to my hair I cry. Cry. Cry. How does it look now?

  11. I hate when that happens..
    It really did not look that bad..

  12. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA! I'm only laughing because you know I love you. ;) I kinda like the frizz, is that weird? And the color isn't organge. It's pretty. Seriously! You look adorable in that pic.



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