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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bowling Fun for The Fam

Saturday we went to a cosmic bowling birthday party. I didn't think the little ones would even have fun. I thought they would get bored with it after 3 frames, if even that! Boy was I wrong; they are addicted! Luckily they were patient enough to wait there turns without having total meltdowns. The kids had a blast and the parents had fun watching them all play horribly. Thank goodness for bumper guards and those new ball ramps for the kiddos. They definitely made it more fun for the kids.


  1. Fun Fu n Fun I have 1 scheduled for my dd 9 birthday next month

  2. What a fun time. My kids love bowling. Cosmic is even more fun than regular bowling. Was the music pumpin?

  3. Dont you love the ball ramps? My kids use those, too!

    BTW- you look cute in glasses!

  4. Looks like great fun for everyone. I think your kids can beat me. Hmp.

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