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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

THE Flu has Struck at Sanity Check

Yes my two little ones came down with a horrible flu this week. The nurse said it was more than likely the Swine Flu. Hacking coughing, fevers, snot and croup for my little men.

I feel so horrible for them and the hubby and I are exhausted. Having sick children in your bed 5 nights in a row will do that to a person. How can anyone sleep next to a teeth grindin, wheezing, furnace? Yes all 3 of my kids grind their teeth something fierce, especially when they're sick or exhausted. It's the worst sound EVER.

Last night the baby's croup got really bad. We were outside twice, in the shower once and we did 2 nebulizers. At 4 am his fever spiked to 103. He is now sleeping soundly with his daddy while Jaxson is coughing up a storm and trying to catch his breath. All he wants to do is go back to sleep.

I myself am praying that I don't get it. Just the kids having it is keeping me busy and I don't know how I will get anything done if I get sick. So Mimi, I promise I will get that stuff out to you as soon as everyone is healthy enough to leave the house!!!!


  1. Oh no! I sure hope that you and your husband do not get this either (or you get a very VERY mild case to just get it and get over it!) and I hope the kids are better SOON! Prayers for healing are headed your way.

  2. Oh no!! I hope everyone feels better asap!! No fun at all!!

  3. Oh man. I hope that they feel better soon. That stinks. STunt Man grinds his teeth terrible too. WE hear it all the way in our room some nights.

  4. Oh... that is just so horrible! Hoping your kids get well very soon and that you and your husband will stay healthy!

    Here in Norway the press has scared everyone half to death about the swine flue. So far only a couple of hundred people have gotten sick, but they are predicting 10-15 % of the population will get it... The vaccines are available for everyone from October. Doubt that we will get it though.

    Well, I actually just found my way here through He&Me+3. I'll try to come back when you are all feeling better!

    Wishing you a peaceful night!

  5. Hope every one is better this week



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