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Saturday, September 13, 2008

If it's not one thing, it's another!

Today started out like any other Saturday. Get up, get everyone ready and head to work leaving the kids to spend the day with dad. When I get a moment to breath I give the boys a call to see how things are going and what they have been up to. Usually it's "nothin, just hanging out playing". Today's conversation went a little different.....

Me - "hi, what are you guys doing"?

Husband - " I need to call you back I just sliced my foot open"

Me - "What? oh OK"

So he calls me back and says "I'll be OK, I was mowing the lawn and stepped back onto one of those big sharp rocks, the boys are fine and we will see you in awhile".

I have thoughts going on in my head now, it cant be that bad, he isn't freaking out on the phone or anything and you know how guys are....they're big babies and they tend to exaggerate.

So I get home and my husband has blood running down his ankle and cant stop the bleeding! So naturally I tell him he needs to go to the E.R. (of course, it's Saturday couldn't happen during the week) and being the stubborn man that he is says "hell no". Um yeah you need stitches. He proceeds to take a shower and "clean" his wound, with a few choice words I might add.

I go on with my day and leave to take the oldest to a sleep over birthday party (20 mins away). I get there and while visiting I get a phone call from a panic stricken husband.

Him - "Honey, I think I need to go to the E.R. How soon are you going to be home?"

Me - "What? Ok I am on the way" Didn't I suggest that before I left?????

So instead of us going out to dinner with our friends we spent the evening at Urgent care waiting with two children for 2 hours. We had our vending machine dinner and daddy got stitches and those handy crutches!

Do you remember in my original post when I said something about getting technical about how many children I have? Well this is going to be one of those weeks, I will have 4 kids to take care of for the next day or two!!!!


  1. Oh crap! ow many stitches did he get? How awful. I dont envy your job this week. :P

  2. He ended up getting 4 stitches. They said it was cut all the way to the bone. eeew. You know the bone that sticks out on your ankle, on the inside? He cut just below that. It was really gross. I couln't stay in the room to watch.



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