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Thursday, September 18, 2008

I couldn't get just one ???

I am talking about a girl.....a sweet little girl who likes dolls, makeup and you know girly stuff!!!

Nope not me just 3 boys, and one who tends to get into trouble. Shay come on down your the lucky winner again!!
Today the babysitter sends me a text while I am at work. It says - call when you get a minute need to talk to you about an incident.

My usual reaction "oh hell, now what"?.

Here goes....boys will be boys and they like to tease girls right? Right. It started out as filling water bottles with h2o and tossing them at each other, getting all wet. Simple fun right? Well if you have boys you know that the water gets boring and they had to shake things up a little bit by adding dirt and grass to make a mud bomb. Okay whatever, don't do it it's not nice to the girls. Well it wasnt enough for the boys and one of them (only one of them was mine) decided to PEE in the bottles and throw them at the girls!!!!!! WTF were they thinking??? It still isn't clear who actually did the peeing, they are blaming each other. Well you know how girls are (no offense to anyone who has them) they went home crying. I dont blame them, me personally would have beat the shit out of those boys! Anyhoo, their mother got all pissy and came to my house to bitch at me and got the babysitter (who happens to be one of my closest friends and took it really well).

So how do you come up with a punishment for that? I have given up on grounding him cuz in all reality it's more of a punishment for me! I get soooo sick of hearing "what can I do if I cant go out and play?" and I am even more sick of saying "find something to do in your room!!!" So today with went with the embarassment technique. He had to write a letter to all of the girls involved and their parents apologizing and asking for forgivness. He also had to write a letter to the "other" boys parents and had to apologize for being desrespectful and irresponsible. We went for a little walk and hand delivered them to each house where he had to also apologize to the girls and their parents. Then he had to do chores and continue them for the rest of the weekend!!!

Like I said why couldnt I have had just one girl?!!!!!

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