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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eclipse From Colorado

So I managed to stay up with the moon and I got a few really good shots. I was FREEZING so I didn't get that many and I was struggling with finding the right setting on my camera. So this is the best 2 that I got. Enjoy!

And....I promise I will do my review, but it has to wait till Christmas day ;)

Merry Christmas everyone, may all of your wishes come true!!!


  1. OMG, those shots are AMAZING! You should seriously enter them into some sort of contest. I got just one shot of the partial and it stinks.

    PS. I'm jamming to Right Round that is playing on your blog. lol

  2. Beautiful!! Truly stunning! We were on the wrong side of the planet to see this one, although we did luck out with the solar eclipse in January!

  3. Wow!! simply amazing. I agree with Marshmallow circus, try and find some sort of contest that you could put them into.



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