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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This and That

I'm trying ok? I just cant come up with ANYTHING to blog about.....I'm sorry!

It's been a fun fall and I sure with it would stick around for awhile. I'm not looking forward to getting any snow. We have had a dose of cold and it chilled me to the bone. I hate being cold and having to go out in it. If I could just stay inside all day then fine, be cold, snow, hail, rain. Whatever. But the fact is I can't stay inside. I have to drag the kids out and get them to school, I have to go to work and the grocery store and god knows where else. So please, Mother nature, can you just leave Colorado right where it is? 65 degrees and perfect!

Anyway, we have been up to a lot lately. My photography has taken off and I've been busy every weekend taking family photos. The kids are in full swing of school and I feel like I am so behind on keeping up with them and thier homework, not to mention the oldest and all of his, football and now rock climbing team. I need a clone!!!

So here are some pics of just a few things that we have done in the recent weeks, trip to the mountains for pictures of our family, the corn maze, fall holidays at school, glow in the dark rock climbing competition in Boulder, a trip to the cemetery for fun pictures, Halloween (and a ton of baking for the school parties) and a ton of other stuff that I cant think of at the moment!

So that is it for now, happy fall and I will see you all again soon, I hope.

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  1. I know what you mean about cold. Moving to Philly reminded my of how much I hate being fucking cold. It reminds me of being cold for my entire childhood -- remember how freakin cold my mom kept our house? I think you were the only one who would sleep over more than once. Haha! Stay warm. Love the pics, as always!



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